Save some dough and get both full lengths from Attic Abasement, Dream News and the rerelease of Dancing is Depressing.

About Dancing is Depressing:

Having been the driving force of Attic Abasement for over a decade now, Mike Rheinheimer, a Rochester, New York native has amassed an extensive back catalog of lo-fi albums and EPs -- each one distributed via Bandcamp and short-run CD-Rs, and it was through those means that Attic Abasement’s name became an underground phenomena. On April 6, 2018, Father/Daughter is proud to reissue Attic Abasement’s cult classic sophomore album, Dancing Is Depressing, digitally and on vinyl for the first and only time. Not only that, Dancing Is Depressing (Expanded Edition) will feature a pair of songs that originally appeared on local Rochester compilation albums. A digital rip of Dancing Is Depressing has been streamed on YouTube over 500,000 times and the song at its crux, “Australia” has been covered by hundreds of professional and aspiring musicians throughout the years. There’s a reason why Dancing Is Depressing would routinely see people cite the likes of Stephen Malkmus, Bill Callahan, and David Berman when discussing the record, but even with those influences present, what Rheinheimer created was singular.

About Dream News:

In autumn 2015, Keith, Joe, and Mike went into Salvation Recording Co. in New Paltz to make a full length record with producer/engineer Chris Daly. Putting down 11 songs mixed by Chris and Mike and mastered by Jamal Ruhe at West West Side, Dream News is slated for release in Spring 2016 on Father/Daughter Records. Exploring themes including war, indulgence, suicide, messiahs, the dream, and governance/corruption, the songs draw from a wider pool of sonic influence for Attic Abasement while still maintaining cohesion and focus.

Pressing Information

Dancing is Depressing = 1,000 Red w/ Bone Splatter
Dream News = 200 Aqua Blue