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10 years of Father/Daughter - an interview and playlist with Tasha

Posted on October 22nd, 2020

Listen to Tasha's hand curated mix here!

Father/Daughter: How'd you first hear of / begin working with F/D?

Tasha: In 2017 I was asked to open up for Vagabon for a Pitchfork aftershow (quite honestly one of the most exciting and dreammaking moments of my life, to this day) and sweet, wonderful Jessi was there, and we exchanged information. We stayed in touch very casually for the next several months, and then she brought Tyler into our conversations to begin talking about the possibility of releasing something -- this was the end of 2017, early 2018. And now look at us!

While I’d entertained the idea of one-day releasing a record on a larger scale, or pursuing music more “seriously”, it was the enthusiastic interest from F/D that pushed me to develop my songwriting and musicianship and eventually write the songs that would become Alone At Last. While I’d like to think I would have found my way there no matter what, having Jessi and Tyler on my side to encourage me, and inspire me to make something I felt proud of was absolutely necessary for the life of this little album.

I certainly feel the age of these songs (and sometimes get embarrassed listening to them) but they do show me how far I’ve come as an artist in the time that has passed, and also what feelings haven’t changed at all. Am I a better songwriter than I was then? Sure. But do I also still praise a day spent alone in my bed over most anything else? Oh yes.

F/D: What were some inspirations for some of the songs on the record?

Tasha: Most obviously and famously, my bed. It was through that rest space, and everything I did in it (listening to moody music, writing and reading poems, dreaming, holding lovers) that these songs were born.

F/D: Any favorite F/D albums thus far?

Tasha: Vagabon’s Infinite Worlds is a forever favorite, as well as Swim Team by Christelle Bofale, Slop from Forth Wanderers, and Nnamdi’s DROOL (to name just a few).

F/D: Once touring becomes a thing again, who would you like to go on tour with?

Tasha: Everyone! Anyone! But I definitely dream of touring with Christelle Bofale (again), Vagabon, Julie Byrne, Emily Yacina, Moses Sumney, Angel Olsen, Lomelda, Faye Webster, Lala Lala, Chastity Belt....the list really does go on. There’s little I’ve missed more this year than playing music in a room full of people.

F/D: What've you been up to since the release of Alone at Last?

Tasha: Sleeping, reading, sitting in parks, writing (a little bit), drinking coffee, falling in love.


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