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Esther Rose covers EP 'How Many More Times' out July 16

Posted on June 21st, 2021

Out July 16, How Many More Times is a six-song collection of reimagined Esther Rose songs from her 2021 album, How Many Times. Collaborators include Shamir, Anjimile, Stef Chura, Tasha, Twain, and a remix by NM-based DJ, Field Supervisor.

Today you can hear Shamir's cover of "Songs Remain" on all streaming services and on YouTube here. "Songs Remain is a song I immediately resonated with upon first listen," explains Shamir. "I'm unfortunately one of those people who associate love with grief. Constantly reminding myself that emotions and connections are fleeting, so I make note of the concrete things. The connection I had with this song allowed me to record it relatively fast. I wanted to keep the song simple like the original, but add a little Shamir weirdness to it with some spacey guitar."


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