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Sharpless - The One I Wanted To Be FD-021


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Sharpless began in a bedroom on a 20th birthday, in an attempt to express repressed thoughts and feelings. Frustrated by the lo-fi conventional sounds of bedroom pop, Sharpless utilizes the bedroom studio to create dense pop arrangements that weave between experimental and Top 40. They contrast these deafening hooks and celebratory genre bending rhythms, with personal lyrics that expand the mythos of the band itself. Sharpless released their debut, self-titled album in the beginning of 2011, and immediately began work on their recently released follow up album, The One I Wanted To Be. After slowly releasing singles from the album, the band began to make waves internationally. Following significant changes in their personal lives, the band began to push a more aggressive sound, combining the sonic violence of experimental punk and hip-hop with the lush melodies of Japanese pop music. The One I Wanted To Be features guest appearances from Small Wonder, Told Slant, Bellows, Eskimeaux, and many more members of The Epoch, a Brooklyn-based DIY collective. Lyrically, the album is a sprawling and personal narrative about past lives, parallel universes, and the search for home. After three years of physical and emotional journeying, The One I Wanted To Be was completed and released with Father/Daughter Records.


  1. The Hardest Question
  2. Greater Than ( )
  3. You've Got a Lot of Feelings
  4. Summer 2012
  5. P a s t L i f e R e g r e s s i o n
  6. Gemini
  7. Mom and Dad
  8. Nothing Can Change
  9. Greater Then
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250 / Blue