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Doubles - Mint EP FD-030


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Doubles began on Whidbey Island, a vacation getaway located in Washington state’s Puget Sound. Originally a bedroom-pop duo featuring vocalist/guitarists Seth Sobottka and Preston Ossman, the duo grew into a quintet during Sobottka and Ossman's freshman year at Bard College in New York's Hudson Valley. Joined by Atticus Pomerantz on bass, Dash Flach on synth, and Clay Kaledin on drums, the group spent a over a year recording and producing their debut LP 'Taste'--a process which helped them realize that brevity has its benefits.

Released as Doubles graduated from Bard and bid farewell to the musical community they've called home for the past three years, Mint touches frequently on memory--memories of beat-up station wagons, Star Trek reruns, and the perils of combining record collections. Named in honor of their seafoam green band house/rehearsal space 'The Mint Mansion', the EP touches on the minute experiences and encounters that over time become so important to how we remember our homes and friends.

Mint embraces Doubles' live sound--complete with three-part vocal melodies and interlocking guitarmonies--while exploring pop tradition and developing a style of its own, dubbed G-Folk.

Mint was recorded and mixed by engineer/producer/guitar hero Joe Reinhart (Algernon Cadwallader, Hop Along) over the course of a week at Headroom Philadelphia Studios. The EP was mastered by Ryan Schwabe at Maniac Mansion in Philly.


  1. 740 Turbo
  2. When You Assume...
  3. Yolanda
  4. O-FACE is Breakin' Up
  5. Torres
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