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NADINE - oh my FD-062


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NADINE is an uncovering. A space that opens, suddenly, and the process that catches you. Kids biking down a suburban street in late afternoon. An ultra pink vest that infuses the wearer with a great and necessary confidence. A state of mind. Through a period of uncertainty and limbo, NADINE searches for steadier footing, walks on intuition, led by feeling. NADINE fills space with a tremendous warmth and softness, each song creating its own expansive dream-world awash in memories and secret keys to a puzzle so ungraspable it takes up a whole life.

NADINE is a collaborative project between Nadia Hulett (Phantom Posse), Carlos Hernandez, and Julian Fader (both of Ava Luna), recorded over two years in Gravesend Studios in Brooklyn, NY and Dripping Springs in Austin, TX. Polyphonic melodies swing and gambol, instrumental layers take generous flourishes and unexpected turns with an ear to the wondrous and occasionally weird, crafting jazz-tinged lounge-pop all held together by Hulett’s characteristic vocals, strong with a sincerity and gentleness that holds the listener. Let go of old ideas. Listen for tricks of the light. What does it feel like? oh my.

oh my is available now from Father/Daughter Records (US) and Memphis Industries (UK).


  1. Nook
  2. Ultra Pink
  3. Plinth
  4. Not My Kinda Movie
  5. New Step
  6. That Neon Sign
  7. Pews
  8. Contigo
  9. Little Self In The Garden
  10. Can t Be Helped
  11. Peace In The Valley
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250 / Bone & Black Half & Half
750 / Bone